Award winning Director of Photography and Photographer based in Los Angeles, CA.

As a cinematographer, Leco has shot variety of short films, fashion films and documentaries and music videos inside and outside the US.

Had movies awarded and/or showcased at various films festival across the globe like the Venice Film Festival (Italy), Sunset Film Festival, Indie film Fest Awards, The Taste Awards, Berlin Fashion Film Festival, Brooklyn Film Festival, Sherman Oaks Film Festival, Indie Flicks Film Festival, Studio City Film Festival.

Most recently won Best Cinematography and best film on a RED competition with a short film named Jimbo, and also had the same film considered by the Academy, being finalist on a Oscars qualified event.

As a photographer I’ve done 3 magazine covers last year

Off the Rails magazine (NY), Coy magazine (UK), Can’t Steal Our Vibe magazine (Venice).

Also had photos published on other magazines like Red Milk magazine,

Marie Claire magazine , I-D Vice magazine , Amica magazine , Panorama magazine, C-Heads magazine, Arsenic magazine, Nakid magazine black issue, GQ Australia.

Worked with various internationally known clients like Todds, Snapchat, Samsung, Replay jeans, Headspace, Groundworks Coffee, Pull & Bear.

Recently had a Photography Exhibit show that took place in Venice, CA called “Pessoas & Lugares” (People & Places”), a show with a compilation of captures from all the places I have been while shooting movies across  the globe.


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